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Hosting platforms to exceed your every need!

Business ClassHosting

Our Business Class Hosting solution is powerful and affordable. Perfect for Basic websites, start-ups & personalised email.

VPS Hosting

Professional-grade virtual private servers. Perfect for the High-growth businesses & moderate web traffic.

Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers gives you the ultimate in control, power and security. Perfect for big projects, high-traffic websites & root access.

why Choose us?

Affordable Prices

We always offer our customers professional service at affordable prices.

Australian Made

We never outsource your website development overseas, we are a strong believer in you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Superior Customer Support

We partner closely with professional experts, so you always receive high-end, friendly and efficient support.

Quality Web Sites

We work one on one, with you to find out your wants, needs and budget; to deliver your dream site.

Uptime and Reliability

We have proactive monitoring with reactive solutions in place to guarantee uptime.

SEO Optimisation

Boost your website traffic and maximise your return on investment.

How to Get your Business Online


Deciding on a domain name is like choosing your business name — you want it to be successful and easy to remember. It can take a lot of thought and consideration. Your domain name is your online identity. You want to ensure that you choose a domain name that represents your business.

Quick tips to help you pick the perfect domain name:

Make it Memorable

Target Areas

Make it Short

Make it Easy to spell / type

Avoid Hyphens & Numbers

Avoid Trademarked Names

Include Relevant Keywords

Use an Appropriate Domain Name Extension

The above factors should be considered when considering your domain name. Your situation may require a number or another factor above and that’s okay. These are quick tips to help you decide, do your research first or if you’re feeling overwhelmed contact us to discuss your thoughts.


Affordable Web Solutions - Hosting Solutions

Determining Your Needs

When deciding on a web host provider, always plan for the for future development.

Choose Hosting Type

Generally, there are three types of hosting services; shared, virtual and dedicated servers.

Comparing Features

Compare important feature such as uptime, storage, bandwidth, security tools and server operating systems.

Leave it to the Experts

Let AW.S take care of it all for your; including your ongoing maintenance.


Affordable Web Solutions - Web Design


The planning stage is disputably the most significant, what’s decided sets the stage for the entire project.


The design stage involves implementing the information outlined in the planning stage as a visual representation.


The development stage involves loading the content and the beginning of the technical configuration ready for launch.


The launch stage is to prepare the website for public viewing, this stage involves testing from various browsers and an overall polish to ensure an enjoyable experience for the user.


Affordable Web Solutions Domain Management


Keep your site relevant to search engines, whilst keeping the content enjoyable for actual human beings. Provide relevant keywords, videos, hints and tips. Do your research!

User Experience

A site is only useful if its users can easily navigate the site, there is more to SEO than just “keywords”.

Site Speed

The load speed of your web page is becoming increasingly important to search engines.  Including responsive design. More and more people view their website via mobile devices.

Internal Linking

SEO is not set and forget. Blogs are imperative to website success when it comes to SEO. Use link’s within your site to repurpose articles previously written and help manipulate search engines around your site.

if you are looking to build a unique website I would highly recommend Affordable Web Solutions

Creating a website felt like such a huge task and that alone had kept me stuck.  Cassandra really took the time to understand my business, she provided a range of options and was instrumental in getting me to really focus on creating my website.