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A bit About Us

We are a web design and digital marketing agency based in Australia with an impressive portfolio of clients ranging from small businesses, Government Contractors to non-profits.

Job Description

As a Social Media Manager you will be joining our growing social media team and contribute to the management of client accounts for our social media management services. We’re looking for a talented individual who can create captivating content, design eye-catching visuals, and skillfully run social media campaigns across different platforms.


  1. Craft and implement social media strategies that drive results and help clients achieve their business goals while enhancing their brand visibility.

  2. Bring your creative flair to the table, developing engaging posts, stunning images, videos, and infographics tailored to each client’s unique personality and target audience.

  3. Your keen eye for detail and mastery of the English language will ensure that all content is polished and free from errors.

  4. Collaborate seamlessly with the rest of the team, aligning social media initiatives with broader digital marketing campaigns.

  5. Dive into the data to analyse social media metrics, providing regular reports to clients and offering data-driven recommendations for optimisation.


  1. Proven social media management experience with a track record of successful campaigns for diverse clients.

  2. Exceptional creativity and design skills to develop visually appealing and engaging content.

  3. Proficient in using AI tools and platforms to enhance social media performance and content creation efforts.

  4. Strong command of the English language, with keen attention to grammar and proofreading skills.

  5. Self-motivated, highly proactive and capable of working independently with minimal supervision.

  6. Excellent time management skills, delivering work on time and remaining responsive when contacted. (You are expected to be reachable between 08:00am- 05:00pm SYD)


  1. Access to premium AI tools and learning resources to enhance productivity and campaign effectiveness.

  2. Work in a relaxed environment with the freedom to work from home.

  3. Join a fun and diverse team of professionals who collaborate remotely. The bigger part of our team is based in the Philippines. 

  4. Opportunities for personal and professional growth within a thriving web and digital marketing agency.

  5. Competitive salary paid weekly.

How To Apply?

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Social Media Specialist Job

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