Case Study

Angie’s Hair

Angie’s Hair Care is a mobile hairdressing service based in Sydney that specialises in bridal styling and dressing services. We did a discovery session with the owner, Angie Rao and concluded a brand refresh was necessary. The end goal was to re-brand her website, make it intuitive and ensure that the visuals aligned with her brand’s identity and business goal. With this brand refresh, we will also have to create a new logo for Angie’s Hair Care.

Service Scope:

  • Discovery session
  • Website rebranding
  • Copywriting
  • Visual identity redesign
  • Logo redesign
  • Business card creation

The Challenges: Outdated website, cluttered brand visuals, and unclear brand messaging.

Angie Rao has established a solid salon business for the past three decades. She is an award-winning professional hairdresser who has served thousands of clients through the years. The main problem was, her current website’s aesthetics didn’t resonate with her target market.

The challenges for us:

  • Redesign the website to attract her ideal clients and ensure that this brand refresh is consistent across all her brand’s touchpoints.
  • Ensure all lead-generation elements such as client-capture forms, email information and contact number are visible across this new website.
  • Create a new brand style palette that matches the new brand identity. The new logo should reflect the salon’s value, personality and unique service style. The new brand identity should appeal to a broader range of customers.

The Old Website

The solutions: A brand identity and website refresh.

The biggest challenge of the website and logo rebrand is to capture the essence of the brand and highlight Angie’s brand messaging and unique selling point. We have broken down the project into three key segments: brand, logo, and website

The brand

Our approach was to create a style that is a blend of romantic and professional. This means choosing elements and visuals that are soft, airy and positive.
Altogether, the balance of these elements conveys a sense of warmth and positivity. At the same time, professional elements such as clean lines, elegant design, and formal language are incorporated to convey a sense of expertise and authority.
The end goal was to create a design that is cohesive. We wanted to create an appealing brand identity that reflects the company’s values, services, and personality.

The logo

The logo features a combination of serif and script typography, evoking a classic and feminine feel. To reflect the brand’s elegant and sophisticated personality, a colour palette of beige, nude, and blush was selected.
These soft, romantic hues are reminiscent of wedding colours and complement the brand’s target audience. The use of negative space and simple lines in the logo design adds a modern touch, making the brand feel fresh and relevant.
Since the client is already well-known, incorporating her personal name in the logo along with the official brand name was the choice. Overall, Angie’s Hair Care logo perfectly captures the brand’s essence and communicates its values to its target audience. It exudes professionalism, elegance, and femininity.

The New Website

The old website is outdated which impacts the brand’s reputation. The pages were difficult to navigate and it was not optimised for mobile devices. On the technical side, the outdated website affects usability, functionality and security.

To address these challenges, a decision was made to rebuild the website from scratch with a renewed focus on brand design. The approach taken involved the creation of new concepts and themes, aimed at delivering a fresh and modern experience to users. This was done with careful consideration of the brand’s goals, user requirements, and the client’s practice standards.
The new website was designed to improve user experience, performance, and security, while also enhancing the brand’s reputation. Users are now able to navigate the site with ease, regardless of the device they are using. The technical aspects of the site have been optimized to ensure that it is secure, functional, and able to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Going live.

This project has been a success, resulting in a new website that precisely reflects the brand’s identity. We completely revamped the website, giving it a modern, femme look and clear brand messaging that resonates with the target audience.

We have utilised carefully curated elements, illustrations, imageries and graphics that align with the brand’s messaging and personality. This new website is built for easy navigation so potential clients can send enquiries and book services with ease. Affordable Web Solution also provided training to Angie’s Hair Care so they can manage and make changes to the website with ease.

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