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Beauty and Brow

Beauty and Brow By Michal Gabriel, a distinguished beauty and brow specialist situated in Penrith, New South Wales, embarked on a transformative journey in partnership with us.

The aim was to craft a contemporary and captivating website that would serve as an online brochure, enabling clients to easily discover their salon, book appointments, and explore their extensive array of services.


Beauty and Brow By Michal Gabriel sought to establish a stronger online presence. They envisioned a website that would serve as an online brochure, showcasing their elegance and excellence. The brief included the need for a fresh brand image and a user friendly, informative website that would enable easy navigation and appointment bookings.


The scope of this project encompassed the creation of a modern and user friendly website for Beauty and Brow By Michal Gabriel. The primary objectives included providing an online platform for clients to discover the salon, book appointments, and explore a range of services. Additionally, the project aimed to highlight the salon’s numerous awards and integrate an online educational platform for beauty professionals.


The project presented several challenges, including the need to refresh the salon’s visual identity without deviating too far from its established brand. Additionally, creating a well structured information architecture for the diverse range of services offered was a vital challenge. The project required also seamless integration of an online educational platform and a third party appointment booking system.

Stages of Project Delivery:

Stage 1: Discovery and Strategy

The project’s journey initiated with an in depth and comprehensive discovery phase. This stage involved extensive research and analysis to gain a profound understanding of Beauty and Brow By Michal Gabriel’s unique requirements and aspirations. It entailed discussions, assessments, and a careful examination of the salon’s identity, objectives, and clientele. The insights garnered during this phase played a pivotal role in setting the project’s foundation.

Building upon the insights derived from the discovery stage, we proceeded to create the development of a strategic roadmap. The insights from the discovery phase were harnessed to establish a clear direction for the project. The strategy phase was critical in defining the project’s scope, goals, and the overall plan for achieving success.

Stage 2: Branding and Design

With a well defined strategy in place, the project kicked off the project with branding. The aim was to craft a visual and narrative identity that resonated with elegance and excellence. The branding phase aimed to encapsulate the salon’s unique essence and present it in a way that would leave a lasting impression on visitors to the website.

Once the branding identity had been established, the project transitioned into the design phase, which encompassed the creation of website aesthetics and user experience. Alongside the design elements, this phase involved crafting compelling content that would narrate the captivating story of the salon. It was an important step in ensuring that the website would reflect the elegance and excellence Beauty and Brow By Michal Gabriel represents.

Stage 3: Development

After design approval, the meticulous development phase came into play. It was during this stage that concepts were transformed into a tangible digital presence. The development was executed using WordPress and Elementor, known for their versatility and user friendliness. The development phase was characterised by precision and attention to detail, ensuring that the website’s functionalities were seamless and in line with the project’s goals.

Stage 4: Launch

With the development phase meticulously fine tuned to perfection, it then underwent review and approval process by Michal Gabriel herself. Every last minute adjustment and finishing touch was meticulously addressed and incorporated. The launch marked not only the project’s successful completion but also the commencement of an exciting new chapter for the salon’s online presence, symbolising a fresh and elegant era.


The culmination of the project arrived with the successful launch phase. It marked the transformation of all the preparatory work into a fully operational online platform that beautifully captured the elegance and excellence of Beauty and Brow By Michal Gabriel.

The successful launch marked a new era for the salon’s online presence. This project is a testament to meticulous planning, creativity, and a shared vision, exemplifying how aspirations were turned into reality. Affordable Web Solutions is proud to have played a vital role in creating an elegant and excellent online platform for Beauty and Brow By Michal Gabriel.

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