Case Study

Fox & Co Finance

Fox & Co Finance, a promising startup in the financial services sector, recently partnered with Affordable Web Solutions to embark on a fast-paced web design and development project. This case study takes you through the journey of creating a digital presence for Fox & Co Finance, from its inception to an impressive launch in less than a week.

Service Scope:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Design and Development
  • Copywriting

Phase:1 Discovery and Brand Strategy

The project commenced with a crucial discovery call, where we explored the client’s vision and objectives. Given the tight deadline, a brand strategy was swiftly crafted to align with Fox & Co Finance’s mission of becoming a trusted name in the financial landscape.

Phase:2 Low Fidelity Mockup and Branding Elements

Moving forward, we dove into the creation of low-fidelity mockups and essential branding elements. The careful development of the logo and key visual elements set the stage for a design that was both visually appealing and functional.

The project seamlessly transitioned into the design phase, utilising the powerful Figma platform. Our in-house teams, including talented copywriters and designers, worked together to sculpt a website that would position Fox & Co Finance as a reliable and expert player in the financial field. The design was carefully curated to enhance the user experience and to effectively present the startup’s services.

Phase:3 Copywriting and Photoshoot

The collaboration between design and copywriting was a distinctive feature of this project. The website’s content was meticulously crafted to not only inform but also to inspire trust and credibility. The language used was carefully chosen to resonate with Fox & Co Finance’s target audience and to communicate expertise.

To bring a personal touch to the website, Fox & Co Finance’s founder, Nicole, took part in a photoshoot. With these photos we were able to add a personal touch creating a genuine connection with visitors and reinforcing the idea that Fox & Co Finance was not just about financial transactions but about the individual financial journeys of its clients.

Phase:4 Development, Web Optimisation.

As the project progressed, the development phase saw the website take shape using WordPress and Elementor. Elementor’s flexibility allowed for a design that would ensure a seamless user experience, bringing the startup’s vision to life.

The development process prioritised web optimisation to ensure the website’s peak performance and seamless functionality. This included the thoughtful integration of finance calculators on a separate page, providing visitors with essential tools for informed financial decisions. Additionally, Fox & Co Finance’s social media accounts were seamlessly integrated to strengthen online presence, promoting greater visibility and a growing following.

Project Completion and Launch

During the initial client review, Nicole expressed her satisfaction with the design. Any minor edits were promptly addressed by our Senior Web Designer.

In an extraordinary feat, the Fox & Co Finance project was designed, developed, and launched within less than a two weeks. This project exemplified the power of collaboration, strategic planning, and a shared vision.


The Fox & Co Finance project is a remarkable example of what we can be achieve with our dedicated team and our with meticulous planning and vision. The partnership between Fox & Co Finance and Affordable Web Solutions resulted in a website that not only meets immediate needs but also sets the stage for a successful journey in the financial industry.

If you have a similar project in mind, we’re eager to become a part of your success story, just as we have with Fox & Co Finance. Contact us today.

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