Case Study

Hills Computer Solutions

Since 2008, Hills Computer Solutions has been offering computer and IT services to homes and small businesses in Quakers Hill and the greater Sydney area. It is a 1-man company run by Andrew Blunden. Andrew has worked for the IT industry since 1988 and has a solid reputation among local clientele. Andrew and Cassandra May (AWS) sat down for a discovery session to unpack his company’s challenges and how AWS can help.

Service Scope:

  • Logo design
  • Visual identity design
  • Website design
  • Website development

The Challenge: Outdated Digital Presence and Website

While Hills Computer Solutions’ old website had a clean interface, aesthetically, it was not intuitive and wasn’t visually appealing to modern Internet users. The website was not optimised for mobile devices. Beyond aesthetics, the biggest problem was, this website wasn’t bringing any leads to the business.

The challenges for us:

  • Creating a brand-centric logo that portrays what the company does. 
  • Updating the brand’s aesthetic to modernise its look and feel
  • The design refresh must also invoke a sense of professionalism, trust and expertise
  • We are redesigning the website to make it user-centric, highlighting lead-generation elements such as forms, email info and contact number.
  • The new design must ensure that forms and buttons will stand out and make it easy for visitors to book a service
  • Re-invent the website design for a seamless experience across different devices including mobile. The final website design should be easy to read and navigate on any screen. 

The company’s messaging, unique selling proposition and brand promise must be concise and highlighted.

The Solution: Visual Brand Strategy, Website Design and Development

Just as always, we were ready to give Andrew’s website its much-needed refresh. We have broken down the project into three phases: brainstorming, development and implementation. Aside from our commitment to getting this done right, we wanted to simplify this transition for Andrew during the project and after the project. He should have a website that he can easily update and manage himself, if needed.

Phase 1: Prototyping the logo and web design

The Logo Creation

Hills Computer Solutions does not have an existing logo so we have the creative freedom for this part. Taking into consideration the business goal, its unique selling point, its target market and its outmost agenda (to generate more bookings from the website), we have developed a dynamic logo – a combination of a brand mark and wordmark. We have also integrated the company’s Unique Selling Point into the new logo design.

To tap into the company’s key market audience, Our Design team has used the familiarity of the Internet network’s icon. She used a subtle blue hue as its primary colour because it is a colour widely used in the tech industry. The colour also evoked stability, trust, and security, which are among the key brand messaging of Hills Computer Solutions. The choice of typeface is to give an approachable vibe that aligns with the company’s ethos.

Brandmark Development;

Typography Incorporation (client request)

The Website

We needed to transform an old, outdated website into a modern, intuitive one in lieu of the company’s objective and the brand’s new style guide. We created a design flow that logically represents Hills Computer Solutions’ range of services. The website’s design is intuitive without alienating the brand from its former aesthetics. It was a matter of balance in terms of the brand vibe, colours, elements and dynamics.

Wireframe to Hifidelity

Phase 2: Design, Redesign, and Implementation

There were three main priorities: the logo, the website’s design and development.

The end goal was to put together a brand and a digital presence that attracts potential customers. As the goal was to bring more bookings to the business, the company’s unique selling point is integrated into the logo.

The most crucial lead-generation elements such as email info and contact number are also neatly integrated into the overall aesthetic of the website. These elements should be consistent across pages so that end-users instantly see them, whichever page they browse.

Phase 3: Putting it all together

It was a full branding process for our team as Hills Computer Solutions did not have any existing logo. The brand mark icon crafted by our design team is a play of elements. In this case, the internet network and a signal bar – two recognizable figures for computer users.

Since Hills Computer Solutions lacked an innovative website and was outdated, we have implemented a modern approach towards the final phase of the project.

From the concept of adding an image of computer parts in the main banner to an actionable and interactive phone number CTA, we wanted to give this brand-new website that dynamic and fluid look.

Each element featured on the website, including images, icons, and typefaces, has been intentionally integrated with the company’s brand messaging. As a result, users can quickly grasp the company’s products and services with just a glance. We have also optimized the website for effortless navigation across all devices.

Finale Website

Going Live

The new website is intuitive and designed for optimal usability, easier navigation and better lead capture. It has a modern, dynamic look that appeals to tech and non-tech consumers. Andrew is briefed and guided so he can manage and update his website on his own when needed.

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