Case Study

Parkes Street Landscape Supplies

Parkes Street Landscape Supplies is a well-established brick and mortar store, serving landscapers, gardeners, and DIY gardening enthusiasts with high-quality landscape supplies. They approached us to work on a project that will enable them to expand their operations online. The primary objective was to broaden their online presence and drive business growth by establishing an ecommerce platform that offers a seamless shopping experience to both existing and potential customers.

Service Scope:

  • Website design and development
  • Ecommerce System
  • Content infrastructure for posts and videos.

The Challenges

The Parkes Street Landscape Supplies project presented a unique set of challenges. First was their vast array of products that needed to be uploaded, categorised, and effectively showcased on the website. The client also needed a bulk order feature that would bypass the customary checkout process allowing their customers to personalise their orders and request quotes instead.  For more accurate order volume placement, a calculator was also needed to provide customers with immediate calculations of the exact quantity of products they would need to order based on their area size.

The Solution

Phase 1: Research and Planning

Our team invested significant time and effort into comprehensive research to fully understand the client’s extensive product range. We carefully crafted a navigation structure that promotes an effortless shopping experience, drawing inspiration from successful ecommerce platforms.

As a result of our meticulous efforts, we introduced three key features to the site. Firstly, a robust search function enables customers to easily find specific products. Secondly, a handy category filter lets users navigate through the diverse product range within their chosen category. Lastly, we incorporated a calculator that estimates the volume of products needed based on area size and product type, using tailored mathematical formulas. We also designed attractive category cards for the homepage, highlighting popular industry products. These innovative features aim to boost user engagement and product discoverability, enhancing the overall shopping experience for site visitors.

Phase 2: Website Design and Development

Opting for a minimalist design approach, we aimed to convey Parkes Street’s essence clearly and concisely. The website was meticulously optimised to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring seamless shopping convenience across all devices. Our top priority was to create an intuitive and delightful user experience, achieved through clear call-to-action buttons, prominently displayed contact information, and a straightforward checkout process. Moreover, the website’s copy was carefully crafted with SEO in mind, strategically targeting potential clients to enhance its online visibility and reach.

The approved design that was created using Figma was flawlessly brought to life on WordPress with WooCommerce. We chose this platform for its remarkable flexibility and robustness. We used Crocoblock for the ecommerce features we needed¬† that didn’t come out of the box with WooCommerce.

Phase 3: Putting it all together

The newly launched website of Parkes Street Landscape Supplies has not only met the challenges head-on but has also exceeded client expectations. The user-friendly search and product filtering features have greatly improved product visibility and conversion rates. Impressively, the website started receiving organic orders within a week of its launch, indicating its immediate impact.

The blog setup and video library were instrumental in guiding the ecommerce website to the right audience, drawing a consistent flow of visitors and potential customers. By offering valuable resources and compelling content, the website has established itself as a trusted authority in the industry.

Most crucially, the successful deployment of the website has allowed Parkes Street Landscape Supplies to transition smoothly from a traditional brick-and-mortar store to a flourishing online ecommerce platform. This shift has created new opportunities for business expansion and broadened their reach to a wider online audience.


Affordable Web Solutions collaborated with Parkes Street Landscape Supplies to create a robust ecommerce website that offered seamless shopping experiences, efficient bulk ordering, and valuable resources for its customers. The project’s success paved the way for the client’s digital transformation and future growth in the competitive landscape supplies market.

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