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Here’s my honest opinion and some recommendations for getting affordable web design.

We all like to get a good deal, the first thing we do when we do get a bargain, is tell our friends and brag!

Searching for a good deal on website design is risky. People get obsessed by saving a few dollars, that they do not realise what they are not getting in return.

The google search “cheap website designer” and the hunt for a good web design deal, upsets web designers all over the world. As a small business owner, I understand wanting to save money.

I have been in supporting small businesses for over 15 years, I could tell you a lot of stories, about sites being held for ransom, about being ripped off, people being quoted $24k and $8k for the same website. I know that people looking for an affordable solution do not understand the differences in values. I am not a mechanic, so I wouldn’t be able to tell if my invoice is good value. But I do have a good relationship with my mechanic, I respect his craft and trust his knowledge and experience.

I want to break down the differences of a “cheap” website vs an “affordable” website. Why cheap websites are a mistake, and an affordable web design is a better alternative. Let’s define the differences.

What is a cheap website design?

Pricing web design services is subjective. A $1500 website is cheap for someone who makes $150k / year. But for someone else, that same $1500 website needs a payment plan and will take time to pay off. Cheap web design has nothing to do with price.

In my experience, people look for cheap web design every day and for many different reasons.

  • they are searching for a web designer who can offer them good quality services at a price that is within their budget.

These people have a business idea, they have a dream to start their own business. They are ready to act, and they want it fast. But cash is limited, they do not have the time to do it themselves.

  • they do not understand website design, what is involved and the value of the return on investment. They do not know what a good deal is, they only see the dollar amount.

These people exist in every industry. They do not understand the work involved. These people only see the end product and the dollar amount. It is never that simple, but when you employ someone to renovate a home, you can see people working hard every day. You can see the work involved, the stress, the blood, sweat, tears and the physical products entering your home. When you employ someone to do a website you only see the pretty pictures, not the mechanics and the effort.

  • they look to take advantage of desperate web designers.

There are sharks in the world, these are business owners who know the value and the ROI. The web design industry is very competitive – the cheap web designer is desperate for the work. They use this to their advantage; they haggle and bargain to reduce the price.


You save money with both CHEAP and AFFORDABLE web designers, but there are great differences.

When you think of the word CHEAP, characteristics that come to mind;

The word AFFORDABLE, characteristics that come to mind;

Are these the characteristics you are looking for in your website?

A cheap web designer offers;
  • a, small initial cost,
  • with no new customers over time,
  • over promises and guarantees,
  • builds a website with cookie cutter templates with no customisation,
  • a, goal of more traffic and all kinds of random traffic,
  • uses outdated design standards and does not factor in algorithms,
  • does not consider SEO guidelines and strategies
An Affordable web designer offers;
  • a, modest investment, paid off over time,
  • with results from new customers,
  • is realistic and honest about what you can expect,
  • starts with a theme, and customises it to meet your unique needs,
  • a, goal of more strategic traffic and takes the time to research your industry and competitors,
  • constantly sharpening their skills and keeps abreast of modern strategies,
  • uses the latest Google friendly SEO practices

Reality: small businesses want high quality websites, but many can only afford to pay around $1500. Website designers you want to hire, can not afford to build high quality websites at that price range.

I started Affordable Web Solutions, to solve both issues. I work with my clients in a staged approach. Start small and grow your website when your businesses grow.

We design and develop business tools aka, websites, that solve a problem, add value to your business such as revenue, customers, business growth, getting the right customers not tyre kickers.

Once your website is designed and published, Affordable Web Solutions services continue with;

  • Top level security – we provide our clients with SSL certification
  • Fast performance – smart caching, and fast technologies
  • Reliable hosting – we supply all our clients with Australian hosting platforms, that we do for you
  • Modifications – we offer ongoing affordable care plans for our clients, with no lock in contracts


Web designers are often overpriced and expensive, it is hard to know if you are getting the best deal. I hope that this article has helped you find a great web designer who is going to give you value for your investment.

If you think we share the same values, contact me to organise a 15 minute free, no obligation discussion to see if we are great fit.

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