.au Domain Names

What I need to know about Australia’s New Domain Name .au direct domains

What is .au direct domain?

It’s a direct domain for Australians, streamlining with the rest of the world. Businesses in the UK domains end in dot UK, Ireland dot IE even third world countries such as the Philippines already have dot PH.

Do I need a .au direct domain name?

No, you do not need it, but I do recommend applying for your direct .au domain as soon as possible to protect your business brand.

Can I order a .au domain today?

Yes, if you own the .com.au and or the .net.au domain you can apply today for priority status.

When does the Priority Status finish?

You have until the 19th of September to apply for your .au direct domain before your competition can register for it on the 20th September.

How can I secure your .au direct domain?

Complete the online form and AW.S will take care of the rest.

Apply for your .au today

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