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The journey began when I met Marie at Alkalizer for a Chai. She introduced me to Immunity Booster Shot – Raw Turmeric and Ginger with Cinnamon, Black Pepper & Lemon. I digress, try it – you won’t be disappointed. Marie was looking for a web designer, that took the personal approach. Her business is personal. I explained my process to Marie and why I do what I do.

After a comprehensive chat about Marie, her journey and her business goals. Our journey to create a simple, professional website began – with lots of laughs, support and communication.


Marie is a beautiful lady, inside and out. Her passion for helping people is admirable. I experienced this firsthand. Midway after Marie engaged Affordable Web Solutions to design the website, I was diagnosed with Gallstones and had to have my gall bladder removed. My sleep patterns are not the best to begin with. Marie allowed me to borrow an essential oil diffuser and gave me sample oils to help me sleep and relax my nerves from overwhelm throughout the day. I share this story, as this is the heart of Marie and Essential Health and Harmony.

Marie has helped many people for many ailments, phobias, confidence whether it’s by coaching, EFT and oils. Marie can assist you with individual services or combine her passion of Essential Oils and EFT otherwise known as tapping. Location isn’t a problem as Marie’s services can be completed online. I know what your thinking, how can Marie let you appreciate the aroma of her oils. Contact Marie for a free no obligation chat, arrange to send a dōTERRA essential oils sample to you to use in your upcoming session.


Marie wanted a simple, easy to use website. Very few clicks to be able to understand quickly, what Essential Health Harmony is about. Clearly defined services, using her beautiful logo branding specifications created by Evoke Visual Creations and her stunning photos taken by Sharon Trejbal Photography.


In my office, Marie and I workshop what she liked and didn’t like about websites. We discussed the content. It was important to Marie, that the site wasn’t too wordy. Marie and I both went our ways each with homework. When Marie felt overwhelm, she came back, working in my office to keep her focused. Content is the hardest part for the website. Nobody knows your business like you do. Small business is personal, and it is also what makes your business unique. Marie shared more stories and through conversation, asking simple questions, Marie had a light bulb moment. She was able to stop overthinking, took some notes and was able to complete the content process.

Marie, thank you for choosing Affordable Web Solutions. I’m eternally grateful, for your support and what I know will be a long friendship. I’m so happy you love your website, I’m very proud of what we have achieved together. I look forward to watching your new chapter in your business.

Many thanks to the very talented Cassandra May of Affordable Web Solutions for developing this fabulous website for me. Cassandra took the time to really understand my business to create something true to me and my vision for my business.
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