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Are you utilizing Google My Business to your company’s advantage? If not, you need to. It’s a simple yet powerful tool from Google that is free for all businesses. GMB allows companies to take control of their online appearance as well as their visibility on Google Maps and Google Search. The GMB knowledge panel, which you have probably seen as an online card containing useful business information, often displays before organic results on mobile, making it a vital aspect of your company’s overall search marketing strategy and overall online presence. The following tips can help you optimize your business’s GMB listing for 2021, whether you are just getting started or need to tune-up your existing page.


Include Business Categories

One useful feature of GMB is the ability to list up to 10 categories for your business. This can be especially beneficial if your business is one with many different specialties or services. Keep in mind that Google focuses on your primary category the most extensively, so choose one that describes your company in the broadest of terms.


Update Your Company Information

If you have already filled out your GMB listing, give it a thorough review to ensure that all of the included information is accurate and up-to-date. If you are just starting out – or have some missing details on your existing listing – make sure to include your business address, the full name of your company and your hours of operation – in addition to the categories mentioned above – to make sure that you have all of the basics covered. Double-check that all of your listed information matches your other profiles that are visible online.


Upload Quality Images

Google states that business listings with photos receive 35% more website clicks and 42% more direction requests from potential customers than those without images. What types of pictures should you include? Start by showcasing visuals of your products or service work. Then, move on to uploads that highlight the interior and exterior of your building. This helps build trust in your brand and encourages potential customers to work with you. You can – and should – encourage customers to upload photos related to your business, as well.


Include a Description

Did you know that you can use GMB to describe your business? A 730-750 word description can describe your products or services better than categories, especially if none of the provided options are an exact fit for your company. Google itself takes this information seriously, so a fleshed-out business description boosts your chances of a higher search ranking.


Stay Active With Reviews

You should be responding to every single review that customers leave on your GMB listing. People are social creatures, which explains why 85% of them trust online reviews in the same way that they would trust recommendations from friends and family members. Responding to both the positive and the less-than-stellar reviews left on your business page shows current and future customers that you are transparent and care about their experiences with your company.


Post Videos

Video marketing is a powerful aspect of any digital marketing plan in 2021. If you haven’t uploaded any videos to your GMB listing yet, now’s the time to do so. You can upload your marketing videos to your local listing through the photos section or as a post – you can learn more about posts in the next section.


Update Your Posts

Google posts have been a powerful and convenient feature for GMB users since the summer of 2017. They are a great addition to your content marketing plan that appear in your GMB knowledge panel in Google Maps and Google Search. They take only minutes to post and can include a range of information and updates from your company, including the following:

  • Offers for customers
  • Event updates
  • Blog posts
  • Exclusive downloads
  • Promotion of new or popular products
  • News about your company

These are just a few examples, as the possibilities are as limitless as they are on social media or your website. Remember that a video post could be especially powerful in the age of video marketing.

Your GMB listing is a powerful and important part of your overall online presence as a business, but it is one that is fortunately very user-friendly and easy to update when you keep the above tips in mind. If you need help optimizing your online search listings or any other aspect of your digital marketing, get in touch with Affordable Web Solutions for professional assistance.


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