How to choose a Web Design Agency in 2022

How to choose a Web Design Agency in 2022

Building your own website, for your business, is hard. It took me twelve months to finally publish something and I’m still not overly happy with. I’m too close to it.  I need to see it the way someone who is objective and not emotionally attached does.


I outsource my accounting to my accounting partner, Start Fresh Accounting (shameless plug) because they’re the specialist in Accounting and I need my numbers to be accurate to make smart business decisions.

Most business owners are sensible enough to know that some things are just best left to the experts. When it comes to web design, how do you know which web design company, is the right web designer for you and your business?

There are hundreds and thousands of web design companies, digital marketing agencies, website consultants and here today, gone tomorrow freelancers; to choose from.


Here are my 6 top tips for choosing a website design company

  1. It’s all about you… No one knows your business, the way you do. You are the expert in your field. Your web partner needs to listen to you. Your idea, your business goals.
  2. They consult with you…Your ideal partner will research your industry, your competitors and come up with a plan to discuss with you. They challenge you, giving an outsiders point of view.
  1. Your goals…They’ll discover your business goals and find out what success looks like for you. Not everyone wants a website to grow their business. It could be to improve their professionalism, refine their message or make it mobile responsive. Yes, a lot of websites look great on the desktop, but a dog’s breakfast on the mobile.
  1. Your best interest…If your budget is limited, be honest with your website partner, will put together a strategy on how they can work with you and your budget, even in a 12-month plan.
  2. You look great…It’s important to know that all the elements and pages are functional and looking good. Not just the first page but all pages. Straight up; responsive websites, mobile friendly designs and functionality is critical for your professionalism and brand. Make sure your colours and fonts are consistent and correct.
  3. You like what you see…Not only do you like your web designer’s website, you like their portfolio and or clients’ websites too. You won’t like everything you see, as their brief may not meet your taste, but looking at elements and consistency.


Like every good partnership, it must be about them too.

  1. They are established…Technology and the world wide web changes very fast, they need to keep up to date with technology changes, so you can focus on your business. Do they have the skills to answer your technical questions?
  1. They are experienced…Like a fine wine, web design agencies get better as time progresses. Check out their reviews. I always recommend researching their Google Business Profile reviews.
  2. They are in your timezone…When you need that support or that extra change, are your designers, in your same time zone. Are you able to pick up the phone when you need them most?
  1. They’re affordable…Websites don’t have to cost the earth, but cheap websites are not an investment. The aim of your website it to increase your revenue.  Your return on investment is what counts. Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for” it’s true!


Your website, maybe the first impression of your business. It is the reason people choose to do business with you or your competitor. Before you contact your researched web design agency have a short list of questions for them.

  1. Make a list of non-negotiables for your website – chat box, payment gateways, mobile responsive, brand, colours and fonts.
  2. Where will your website be hosted, are their backups and does it cost extra for hosting?
  3. What are their turn around times?
  4. Do they user a (CMS) Content Management System to build their websites?
  5. Who will support me, if I am having trouble?
  6. Can you meet the team who will be working on your website.
  7. Will you train me to use my website?
  8. Do you provide only marketing services?
  9. Do you provide maintenance and ongoing optimisation services after delivery?
  10. Will I own my website?
  11. Can I move my website to another host if I no longer want to host with you.


Does your business need a web design service? Do you need a redesign? Contact Cassandra from Affordable Web Solutions, your award winning website growth partner.

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