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Influential Women in my life…

Happy International Women’s Day 2020

Over my lifetime, I have met some influential women. These women have influenced me or inspired me in some way. It goes without saying, that my mum has given me my strength and determination to achieve great things. My grandmother is more like a second mother to me, she is my world. Like most ladies of that time, she took the world head on. Doing what she had to do to put her four kids first, in a country where she knew no-one and had no family.

Way back in the late 90’s, I have to make special mention Kim Blake, Christina Maaka and Carol Holm. The good old Salmat days. I was a very young impressionable and shy young girl. These ladies all guided me and helped me with my aspirations. I still remember the day Kim told me that Phil Salter wanted me fired, if I didn’t sound more confident and charismatic on the phone. I was 17, in a corporate world… I was shitting myself every time I answered the phone. I hadn’t even heard of fake it to you make it!!!

I assisted Christina, who was the PA to the bigwigs… which meant I had to do the crap jobs. Yep, everyone must start somewhere, but it’s ok, I now delegate the crap jobs. Thank you, Christina, for not only showing me how to delegate and work efficiently but to have ambition.

Finally, my reminiscing takes me to my very first IT Mentor, Carol Holm. Carol has a beautiful caring nature and I moved from Salmat Mailing Services to the IT department. Feeling again, like an imposter, learning the ropes from the bottom up. I was always supported and encouraged to learn, take risks and follow your instincts. If it wasn’t for Carol’s confidence in me, I don’t think I would have fallen into IT.

I may not have mentioned you, but I have met some astounding ladies, mums and work colleagues, I am lucky enough to call friends. These women have looked out for me, supported me and maybe even advised me over the years. I’m proud to know and be surrounded by these strong women in my life.

Personally, I’m extremely proud of my daughter, who is an extremely strong minded and ambitious young lady. I’d like to think I’d have something to do with that. I do know that her Aunt Erin, both her grandmothers Elaine and Jenni and her Great Grandmother Patricia have helped shape her foundation to the young woman she is today.

Everyday, I work with both men and women who have dreams and drive to achieve their goals. I want to share with you just a few of my inspirations. Oh, and because it International Womens Day, I’m sharing some of the ladies.
Look Deeper Marketing

Leanne Di Fazio


Tell me about your Business

I’m Leanne Di Fazio, the founder of Look Deeper Marketing. We specialise is marketing strategy and planning for small business. Our website:


Why did you start you business?

I started the business because I’d met a lot of small business owners struggling in their business: in particular understanding the basics of marketing, or their planning. With over 20 years global marketing experience, plus being a small business owner for 10 years, I knew I could help small business grow and thrive. 


What is the best part about your business?

Seeing customer delight….when I help them through their business challenges and find those strategic marketing opportunities that drive their business forward.


What are your Challenges?

Managing a work life balance.  I enjoy my work and I don’t always know when I stop. 


Any advice you can give to others about “doing what you love?”

You can fail at something you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love.

– Jim Carey 

noi creations

Erin Hughes


Tell me about your Business

My business is Noi Creations & Design. I provide bespoke art and hand painted signage solutions to my customers.
My website is and was created by the amazing Affordable Web Solutions.


Why did you start you business?

My business was born from a hobby. It grew organically over a number of years while I worked as an Interior Decorator for a well known home furnishings retailer. My position was made redundant mid 2019, and so rather than search for employment, I decided it was time to be my own boss.


What is the best part about your business?

The diversity of my work. Each job is different from one to the next and I enjoy the challenge of new ideas. I get bored easily, so it’s great to be kept on my toes at all times to stay motivated and interested. I also love interacting with my customers and am rewarded by their interest in my work.


What are your Challenges?

Self confidence and Social Awkwardness.

When something new presents itself, I can sometimes feel intimidated. I’ve discovered though that this doubt can be used to drive me forward and prove to myself that I can do it!

Meeting clients can sometimes be very daunting. Social interaction is not my strong point so I can sometimes find myself feeling anxious and overwhelmed.


Any advice you can give to others about “doing what you love?”

I live a rich life, but not in the monetary sense. I’m not in this business to fatten my bank balance, I’m in it to contribute to supporting my family, to show my daughters that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind and heart to, and I feel so fortunate to spend each day pouring my heart and soul into my creations. It’s nice to be paid for doing what I love, but I feel much richer for the joy it brings to not only myself, but to others.

If you’re in a job that you resent, if you feel like each day is a waste, find what brings you joy and pursue it!

It’s never too late!

bazdaric prestige

Suzana Bazdaric


Tell me about your Business

Bazdaric Prestige Pty Ltd, Building new homes


Why did you start you business?

My husband worked in his family business from the age of 17 years,  at the age of 30, he wanted to make his own decisions and be independent and have his own Building Company.  He asked me what I thought and I said, yes lets do it, we had 4 children under the age of 5 years when we started, I didn’t know anything about the Building industry, but I always put 100% into everything I do and we knew we would make it work.


What is the best part about your business?

Working with my husband.


What are your Challenges?

Challenges; relying on people to get back to you, I guess without sounding rude, there’s no urgency.  ‘I like to keep moving forward’.


Any advice you can give to others about “doing what you love?”

Doing what you love; is the best! You are constantly motivated to perform well, you should always picture what you would like to achieve and keep moving towards it, whether it be in business or in your personal life

Inspired Energy Logo

Tristan Betts


Tell me about your Business

Inspired Energy, Career coaching for women and body language training, through face mapping – a unique fun way to connect with others,


Why did you start you business?

Disenchanted with the corporate world and wanting to help other women navigate their way out of toxic work environments, after my own experiences made me realise you don’t need to stay in a job that you dread.


What is the best part about your business?

Love running retreats and helping people create changes to their lives so they can love what they do for work!


What are your Challenges?

Challenges are sharing my message and finding those women who really need my help.  Often we put up with unacceptable workplaces because we don’t realise how bad and toxic it is until we actually leave.

Any advice you can give to others about “doing what you love?”

Doing what you love; is the best! Never compromise on following your dreams and if you need to stay in a shitty job , for whatever reason, have a plan and an exit strategy. Above all else follow your heart and do what you love 😊

Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute and share what you do. Your passion certainly shows. Feel free to share their stories, check out their websites and follow their socials.

Happy International Women’s Day 2020

#IWD2020 #EachForEqual

Influential Women

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