Is Your Website Due for Redesign?

If your website was built over three years ago, it’s time to consider a redesign. A three year old website may be missing a lot of design, technology and safety developments that could compromise your business’s credibility, effectiveness and security.

What are the signs that my website needs a redesign?

While it is highly recommended to revamp a website every two to three years, there are many tale tell signs when it’s high time for a website redesign.

1.Your website is not meeting your growth objectives.

If your website isn’t driving the results you expect, crucial elements might be missing. It could be issues with your functionality, call-to-actions, payment methods, and navigation. A website redesign identifies these missed opportunities and implements necessary changes to boost conversion rates.

2.Local customers are not seeing you.

A website not ranking well on Google on Google Maps and search engines needs to be optimised to increase visibility on local search results. This low ranking is usually a consequence of a Schema Markup improperly implemented or the lack thereof.

Schema is a semantic vocabulary of code recognised across all search platforms, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. For local businesses listed on Google, implementing schema markup is essential to improve your visibility in search engine results. Scheme Markup and strategic SEO strategies enhance your website’s presence in organic search results.

Content that would benefit from the Schema markup is identified during a redesign. A markup code is generated, implemented into your website and tested to ensure no errors. By regularly updating and expanding Scheme Markup, search engines will have more accurate information about your website.

3.Your website doesn’t look and feel right.

It is your website. One look at it, and you’ll know something is missing or not right. Look into your competition and how they have built their website. How is yours fairing against them? If your website looks dated compared to your business competition, you are likely missing many business opportunities.

Picture this: a potential customer navigates to your site, and instead of being greeted with a visually pleasing design, they find themselves in a digital time capsule. An outdated website does not instil a good first impression or trust. A website redesign is a strategic move to stay relevant and competitive – no matter your business.

4.Your website visitors are “bouncing” back.

Your website may be witnessing a surge in traffic, but if it’s not translating into tangible business opportunities, you have a high “bounce” rate. The numbers suggest that certain aspects of your website might be falling short in captivating the attention and trust of your audience.

Think of a redesign as a digital facelift that goes beyond aesthetics— it’s about optimising functionality to ensure that potential leads don’t slip through the cracks. A redesign leverages the latest technology and best practices. Lead capture elements like contact and appointment forms are easily accessible and seamlessly integrated with your business systems.

5.Your brand’s reputation is stagnant.

Your website is like the digital identity of your business. When visitors see a well crafted online presence, they are more likely to trust your products or services, increasing brand credibility and reputation.

A redesign ensures consistency in branding across all touchpoints. From logos and colour schemes to messaging, aligning your online presence with your brand identity strengthens recognition and reinforces brand trust – and these can be achieved through a redesign.

6.Your website is not optimised for different devices.

Have you ever visited a website on your smartphone that is clunky and not fitting on your screen? Didn’t you just instantly close it and go back to search for another? That is what happens when a website is not optimised for different devices.

A website that is not functional across devices could impact its overall effectiveness for your business. Since over 90% of internet users prefer accessing websites through mobile devices, ensuring that your website functions seamlessly on all devices, including smartphones and tablets, is necessary.

Implementing a responsive design during a redesign is the key to guaranteeing the website is easily accessible and visually appealing, regardless of the device used. This enhances visitor satisfaction, decreases bounce rates, and improves your website’s efficiency to generate better leads and revenue.

7. You are frustrated with your website’s load page

People appreciate faster page load times that allow them to access what they need quickly. A slow loading page can result in losing potential customers as they will likely go to your competition instead. A website redesign prioritises improving performance and speed, ensuring visitors have a smooth and efficient browsing experience.

8.You don’t know and understand who is visiting your website

Google Analytics is a powerful data driven tool that should be seamlessly integrated into your website’s design. You’re missing a crucial marketing tool if it wasn’t implemented when your website was built.

Google Analytics lets you track and analyse your website traffic data, providing insights into visitor behaviour, geographical location, and interests. This data can be utilised to optimise your website for better user experiences, refine your marketing campaigns, and enhance overall brand effectiveness.

Let’s start your website redesign project.

A website redesign is more than just a cosmetic makeover. It’s an investment in your brand’s credibility and long term business success.

At Affordable Web Solutions, we have helped hundreds of businesses across Australia build and redesign their website. Call us today at 02 9053 8218 or message to schedule your complimentary website redesign consultation.

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