Client Onboarding Form

  • Single Point Of Contact

    To ensure that your project is delivered in a timely and complete manner, we require that all key stakeholders be identified at the outset of the project.

    In addition, we require a single point of contact whose responsibility it will be to manage all inputs and feedback from these stakeholders and to communicate these to us.

    Similarly, this single point of contact will also be required to receive guidance and outcomes from us and communicate these back to key stakeholders.

    To ensure consistency and quality, we will only accept directives and feedback from the single nominated point of contact.

    Finally, please note that it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all key stakeholders are engaged and active throughout the process.

    Feedback that is not received during agreed feedback points may delay the project or introduce additional costs.

  • Business Snapshot

  • Secondary Contact
  • When would you like this website to be launched. Timeframes may be delayed if your feedback and followup is delayed.

  • Project Credentials

    To access and work with your site, I'll need a few username and password combos. Below is a checklist of what I may need from you to get started and some helpful links if you don't have all of these on hand. If you're starting with a new WordPress website, but have a domain name or hosting, please fill this out to your best ability.
  • If I need to move your website to my dedicated hosting, I'll need the registrar, username and password from which you purchased your name.

    If you don't have one already, please let me know what domain name(s) you want me to register and I'll acquire it for you.

    If your not sure, what domain name you would like, please advise and I will be happy to help.

  • I'll need the username and password to log in to your web host's cPanel, as well as the URL where to log in.

    If you don't have hosting, please disregard.

    GoDaddy users, Click Here For Instructions to give me ( managerial account access to your hosting.

    Wix users, I will require full owner access to your current wix website.

  • If you already have a WordPress site, please advise your admin login & password. eg.



  • If you already have a Google Analytics account, please add

    Click Here For Instructions

    Otherwise provide me with your gmail account details, so I can logon and add myself.

    If not, I can create it for you - just let me know what Gmail address you'd like as the admin.

    Please note: Additional Fees may apply.

  • Please provide any links to your social media accounts that you'd like to link to your website. Include link to any Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

  • Project Specifics

    If you are unsure of any aspect, please contact me.
  • Talk to us about your business, how it started, your story, values and goals.
  • Why should your target clients choose you?
  • Who is your target niche, industry or audience
  • List the name of the service followed by a short description. Do this for ALL types of service you offer.
  • What are the business goals and what are their specific, measurable objectives?
  • Name the top 3 things you want people to understand about your business or remember after they’ve left your site.
  • (conservative, avant-garde, trendy, retro, bright, intellectual, trustworthy, knowledgeable, relaxed, prosperous) - (corporate look and feel = trustworthy + relaxed +prosperous)
  • Which are, in your opinion, the company’s main assets? Why should people rely on your company’s services or products?
  • Please list any key competitors with their domain name or website address. eg.
  • Your SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is well optimized for search engines "speaks the same language" as its potential visitor base with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your site.
  • Post links to websites you like the look and feel of - whether it be a feature, a color palette, a way of presenting information, even a layout or design element. This will help us get a feel for what you want your site to look like.
  • Typically I recommend at least three pages, or sections on a one-page website, but your site may need more: - Home page - About Us/The Company/Me - Contact Us Other pages your site may require: - Our Services - Pricing/ Price list - An online store where people can purchase your materials and services - An event calendar to let your customers know of any upcoming events and allow them to RSVP and purchase tickets - An appointment-setting/booking system - A portfolio of recent clients - Case studies showing off specific instances where you contributed to a customer's success - A blog - A password-protected clients-only section
  • Please advise which Payment Gateways you wish to integrate your website with.
  • Feel free to view my stock photo subscription, by clicking the link Please email me the link of the photos you would like a copy of at no charge. (Strictly for website purposes only). eg.
  • Please include any colour codes you may have on file. If not, please advise colours you would like to include.
  • Please include the names of any fonts you would like to use.
  • Please upload any licensed fonts you would like to use.
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    • Please upload your Logo
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