5 Things to Consider in Your Website Design

Building a website is easy, with do it yourself web builders. Anyone can go online, choose pre-made templates and add content. However, building a business website that improves conversion rates requires more technical skills. Consequently, many business owners rely on professional website design Sydney services to develop sites that are compatible with their goals. These are the five main factors in the effectiveness of your final website.

1. Search Engine optimisation

Technical SEO work happens on the back-end of website design. There are also specific design factors that affect how well your website ranks, such as mobile optimisation.

Website Strategists keep SEO at the forefront of their design goals, so you don’t end up with a beautiful website that your customers never find, without expensive ads.

Designers may add these elements and more to your website to improve ranking:

  • Social media connections
  • High-ranking domains
  • Custom titles and descriptions
  • Sitemap generator


2. Device Distribution

People now primarily access the internet through mobile devices and virtual assistants. Because of this, companies must create websites that load quickly on slower data plans and fit devices well. There is nothing worse than having words take over an entire image, which was designed to attract attention.

The customers’ demographics are also an important consideration when deciding how much website design resources to allocate to mobile development.

For example, websites primarily used by seniors may not require a strong mobile support. Seniors are more likely to use computers over tablets and smartphones. Ensuring your design is tablet friendly, not just desktop and mobile friendly.


3. Speed

No matter the demographic, there is one thing everyone can agree on: No one wants to wait more than a few seconds for a website to load. The longer a site takes to load, the higher the bounce rate tends to be. This means people visit one page but then quickly move on to another website, which is likely to be a competitor.

The bells and whistles of a website have a big impact on how long it takes to load. Server hosting capabilities also play a big role in the final speed and overall performance.

The new Google Algorithm is all about speed. If your site is slow it’s is less likely they will find what they are looking for.


4. Creativity

Over the past five years, businesses and personal brands have moved towards minimalist designs. These designs look clean, modern and functional. The downside is that websites can all start to look very similar when there are not many design elements to work with.

A truly creative professional can create a website for you that has a light design without compromises. This design should still be cohesive with your brand and easily distinguished from your competitors.


5. Experience

Website characteristics are important, but what about the entity responsible for designing the website? Consider the experience the designer brings to the table. Do you have a website strategy? Does it align with your business and your brand?

Discuss what success looks like to you with your designer. Tell them about your business goals and current issues.

Are you trying to build a website yourself for the first time? Did you hire a teenager or freelancer who has built several personal blogs over the past year or two? Your best bet is always to hire professionals with at least a decade of experience.


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