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chatGPT - the good bad & ugly

ChatGP - what?!

The good, the bad and the ugly things about chatGPT

It can write, debug and explain programming codes.

It can craft poetry, ads, or whatever’s in your mood.

It can produce dad jokes better than some folks.

Enters ChatGPT…

An Artificial Intelligence online robot designed by OpenAI. With just a prompt, it can generate almost anything. I mean ANYTHING. I asked for a chocolate crepe recipe, and it did not disappoint.

It’s like a genie inside a chatbox; you just rub it a bit, make a wish and voila! Only with it your wishes are limitless. Not just three.


What’s so special about ChatGPT?

For the past decade, there had been robots and AI which could “allegedly” replace our creative and technical skillsets as human beings. None of them made it big on the news. Until, ChatGPT. An AI that has been creating a buzz since its take-off in late November 2022.

It is powered by a large amount of collective data and computing techniques. Unlike its predecessors which generated “robotic” output, it is designed to understand natural language and generate human-like responses.  Using a deep-learning neural network, this AI was trained from various sources like books, whitepapers, articles, and data sets, among others.


How can ChatGPT potentially help businesses. 

Even though this AI is only in its testing and learning phase, it can do a lot of things to make business processes more effective.

Being able to handle data analysis, customer service, lead generation and content creation, ChatGPT can increase business efficiency and operation. It can also be used for research and development of products.

But hey, where do we go from here?

Surely there’s a catch, right? So let’s talk about the good, the bad and the scary.

The good

What people love the most about this tool is that it’s so simple to use. Practically anyone who knows how to send a message can use it.

To use it, just send a chat message via the bot’s chatbox. Then, it provides output in seconds. Tell it to write a chapter of a book idea you’re toying around, and it’d whip it in less than a minute. It can also communicate in multiple languages. This AI is currently offered for free with options to upgrade to premium. It is accessible 24/7, unless it crashes due to server overload. Yes, that’s how popular it is!

The bad

ChatGPT is designed based on the information it was trained. This means, that its output may reflect biases and inaccuracies from its existing data sources. When using this technology, it is important to approach information critically and recheck facts, inaccuracies and biases.

For example, it may generate a wrong medical transcript, in which case, the consequence might be of a great magnitude. Then, there is the obvious lack of emotional intellect. It cannot understand the complexities of human conversation.

The ugly

While many of us appreciate how amazing this tool is, it also comes with an ugly side.

I think the biggest elephant in the room is the idea of us, humans, being replaced by AIs. There are many industries reliant on human creativity and ChatGPT is an obvious threat. A lot is at stake. Imagine us getting to a point where we are outsourcing creativity to machines.

As of the moment, ChatGPT’s capabilities are not unique. Unless your prompt is exclusively your own, chances are, ChatGPT will create the same output for someone else that uses similar prompts as yours. And that prompt doesn’t have to be word for word.

Based on a couple of experiments, this AI can also fail basic mathematics and logic questions. It is not YET that perfect.

So, shall I use it or not?

ChatGPT is still at an early adaptation stage. It is bound to have its trial and error, the results of which, we are yet to see. Use it with discretion and your best judgement.

At this stage, use it as an aid to accelerate work but don’t rely on it nor trust what it tells you.

We’re still doing it the human way at Affordable Web Solutions.

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